Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Years Ago & Today

As I look back on my mission, I think WOW time has flown so fast that it is crazy. I just remember when I first came out as a new missionary. I thought man this is going to take forever, 2 years that's a long time. But I can tell you that it went by so fast. When you are serving the Lord he makes time go by so fast.
I cant even explain what I feel right now, the only way I can really explain it is that it feels like a dream. But it has been one of the best dreams I will ever have in my life. For serving the Lord is a wonderful gift and blessing to do. To bring people closer to our Savior & Redeemer  Jesus Christ. I am thank full for the chance I had too serve him and to bring people the fullness of the gospel. What a great thing to do, to bring the world the truth. I wish that I could stay longer, but my time is finished and now it is time for me to go on and use this training that I got from my mission for the rest of my life.
Like I said I really wish I could stay here in Montana longer, but the Lord is pleased with me and now I must go home. But as I am preparing to return home, I will always remember the things that I learned here and what I became. For I have been changed, the Lord has made me who i am through this service that I did for him. And I thank Him for that.


  1. We are excited to see you too....what a blessing it has been to have you serve a mission. Thank you for your service and wonderful example.
    We love you.

  2. it has gone by fast and we are all excited to see you.

  3. Two years have flown by. We can't wait to see you. We are proud of you and what you have done.