Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Want to be a Missionary

There was a time called the pre-existence where we lived with out Heavenly Father. We all danced, played, and sang together, and everything was beautiful and peaceful. Then Father had a beautiful world created in which we could live for a time. A great council was calle d and plans were made, accepted, and rejected to help us during outr stay on Earth. But there were those who weren't happy with the plans that were accepted and they were rebellious against the Father and were cast out. Thus, good and evil, love and hate, unity and division were born. Father decided that it was good to refine his children and try them to test their purity and quality, and he permitted the evil, rebel spirits to exist in the forms of temptations and other wordly things. Then Father started sending his obedient children to the Earth to live.

I was there in the pre-existence and saw it all happen. I had many, many close friends and one very, very dear friend whith whom I sang and played most often. Then one day, Father Called me and Said"___(Add Your Name)___, come here please and your friend also." I advanced with my friend by my side and Father said"___(Add Your Name) __, there's a package for you over there under that tree, go open it and see what it is. " He look at my friend and told him, pointing to the other tree, that there was a package there for him too. We ran to the trees as fast as we could. I found my package and eagerly ripped it open. Ther inside was a box and inside the box was a letter. I was overcome with joy when i discovered it was my call to go to Earth and that I was to be a member of a LDS family, people who knew the gospel of Jesus Christ and understood it. I ran to tell the glorious news to my friend. Upon reaching him, I blurted out the wonderful message I'd found in my package. Then i noticed something-he was crying and sad.

He stood and with tearful eyes and a sad heart, told me that he too had recevied his call to go to Earth, but that he was not going to a LDS family; he was not going to a family that kenw the true gospel of Jesus Christ. As the time came to leave for Earth, he lovingly put his arm around my shoulder and with a pleading voice said to me "____(Add Your Name)__, no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing on Earth,  please find me. Please teach me the gosple of Jesus Christ and show me the pathway that leads back here to the presence of our Heavenly Father." I look him in the eyes , put my arm around his shoulder and said," I will, my friend, my brother (sister)." Father saw and heard, and was pleased.

Then we came to Earth.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is a made up story that will explain in a way what the difference is;
There was this guy named Jake. He was sleeping one night and had a vision  that came to him. Now his vision was not like the ones that we think of. This one was different in a way.
The lord came to him and asked if he would like to see what heaven and hell was like. So the Lord takes him and he asks what he would like to see first. He said, I would like to see hell first to see why it is so bad. So they go and he goes and sees hell.
When they get there Jake started to look around, and what he finds is a big round table with a pot in the middle with food in it, and there is people sitting around the table. He asked the Lord why is it so bad here? Then the Lord answers him and says; Look some more and you will he looks some more and he noticed something. Everyone is miserable. He has notice that everyone has a large spoon and when they get the food they cant put it in there mouths because there spoons are to big.
Then Jake tells the Lord that he doesn't like this place and that he is sad for the people here. So they go away. And Jake says that he would like to see Heaven now. So they go and when they get there he notice something.
He looks around and it is the same thing that he saw. So now he is confused and is wondering why it's the same. So he asked the Lord why is it the same here as was in hell. The Lord answers him and says look closer. So he does, and sees something different about it.
As he looks around and sees the big round table and all the people, with there big spoons. He notice that they are happy. But as he looks closer he sees that instead of the people trying to feed them self, they are helping each other and feeding there neighbors. By doing this they are not starving like the other people that were in hell. When Jake saw this it hit him that he needs to serve others. When he learned this lesson the Lord took him back and then he wake up, with the desire to serve his fellow man.
We can learn alot from this story, that we need to serve are fellow brothers and sisters to show them the way. As we saw that the people that were miserable were hungry and were just trying to help them self. The Lord wants us to serve are fellow men and wants us to return to him so we need to keep his commandments. And become as he is.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The good old times

Do you remember all those good old days when you were a child? It feels like it was just yesterday that i was home and learning and going to school. But some how time has gone by so fast. Why does time have to go by so fast...i think no one knows. But it does and we cant go back. So what a good gift we have to remember the things that we did in the past. They might have been good or bad things. As i look back in my life, i remember of the things that i did with my parents and family. All of the good times that we had together. But yet i remember when i did some bad things.
You might wonder why do we need to remember the bad days, why cant we just remember the Good Old Times. Well i am about to tell you...the reason why we need to remember the bad times is so that we would not do those things. And remember how hard they were. From those things that we remember have stories that we can tell our children and other people. For if we didnt go through those tough times then we wouldnt grow or learn from them.
So when you look back, remember the good old times that we had in this life. For the things that we learn in this life we will have that knowledge in the next life to come. So i don't know about you but i love the Good old Times that i had. We can all have stories and they will help us to teach others. We need to make sure that we wright down the things and stories that happened to us.
Just like the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. He made a story. The best story that is true. That he came and did what none of us can ever do. It is a story of the greatest love of man kind. For we shall give him all are time and effort to help him and serve him. For a story like this should never be lost. For this is a wonderful story. I ask you all always think of him and you will have good times when you serve the Lord. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Jesus taught that we all must be Baptized by water and by the spirit. Baptism by water must be followed by baptism of the spirit. If not then it isn't complete. When we receive baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, then we can receive a remission of are sins and become spiritually reborn. When a person has been baptized by water, then one or two authorized priesthood holders lay their hands upon the person's head and confirm them a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then they confer the gift of the Holy Ghost upon them.
We can always have the Holy Ghost with us as long we stay worthy of his presences. He will not stay in unclean places. The Holy Ghost does alot for us and here are the things he does;
1. He gives us cleansing effect.
2. Testifies of Christ and help us to know what is truth.
3. Gives us spiritual strength, also help us do what is right.
4. Comforts us during times of trials and of sorrow.
5. Warns us when there is physical and spiritual danger
6. Provides the power by wich we learn and grow.
The gift of the Holy Ghost is one of God's most precious gifts that he can give us. By the power of the Holy Ghost we can know and feel of God's love for us and direction. This gift that we can recive is a taste of eternal joy.
Without the authority of the Priesthood we wouldnt be able to have this wonderful gift. That authority is restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and we can all enjoy this wonderful gift. For it was lost for centries but becasuse of the Restoration of the gosple  we can now all have that wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Continue in Patience

 As we are patient we will recive blessings. And like the video, as we continue in patience we will recive more then we started with. This is a wonderful video that shows us that we all need to be patient with are selfs and with God.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baptism Our First Covenant

Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance prepare us for baptism and confermation. These ordiances are really impotant to have, for they make us closser to our Savior. A ordiances is a sacred ceremany that shows that we have made a covenant with God. A covenant is a binding agreement between God and man. As we obey Him and keep His commandments He promises us that we will be blessed. Also as we do keep his commandments and follow his teachings we will be blessed in the life here after.
The covenants that we make when we are baptized are;
Those are the three things that we covant or promise to do when we are baptized. As we do these things the Lord has promised us that we will recive the companianship of the Holy Ghost and we will have a remission of are sins.
Jesus taught that we need to be baptized by immersion for the remission of are sins. Why do we need to be baptized? We all need to be baptized because it is the only way that we can inter the Kingdom Of God. Also if christ himself had to be baptized then how much more do we need to be. For i know that baptizem is a true ordance and we all need to do it by the proper athority. For baptism is the only way and through Christ we can be saved.