Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is a made up story that will explain in a way what the difference is;
There was this guy named Jake. He was sleeping one night and had a vision  that came to him. Now his vision was not like the ones that we think of. This one was different in a way.
The lord came to him and asked if he would like to see what heaven and hell was like. So the Lord takes him and he asks what he would like to see first. He said, I would like to see hell first to see why it is so bad. So they go and he goes and sees hell.
When they get there Jake started to look around, and what he finds is a big round table with a pot in the middle with food in it, and there is people sitting around the table. He asked the Lord why is it so bad here? Then the Lord answers him and says; Look some more and you will he looks some more and he noticed something. Everyone is miserable. He has notice that everyone has a large spoon and when they get the food they cant put it in there mouths because there spoons are to big.
Then Jake tells the Lord that he doesn't like this place and that he is sad for the people here. So they go away. And Jake says that he would like to see Heaven now. So they go and when they get there he notice something.
He looks around and it is the same thing that he saw. So now he is confused and is wondering why it's the same. So he asked the Lord why is it the same here as was in hell. The Lord answers him and says look closer. So he does, and sees something different about it.
As he looks around and sees the big round table and all the people, with there big spoons. He notice that they are happy. But as he looks closer he sees that instead of the people trying to feed them self, they are helping each other and feeding there neighbors. By doing this they are not starving like the other people that were in hell. When Jake saw this it hit him that he needs to serve others. When he learned this lesson the Lord took him back and then he wake up, with the desire to serve his fellow man.
We can learn alot from this story, that we need to serve are fellow brothers and sisters to show them the way. As we saw that the people that were miserable were hungry and were just trying to help them self. The Lord wants us to serve are fellow men and wants us to return to him so we need to keep his commandments. And become as he is.

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