Monday, February 21, 2011

The good old times

Do you remember all those good old days when you were a child? It feels like it was just yesterday that i was home and learning and going to school. But some how time has gone by so fast. Why does time have to go by so fast...i think no one knows. But it does and we cant go back. So what a good gift we have to remember the things that we did in the past. They might have been good or bad things. As i look back in my life, i remember of the things that i did with my parents and family. All of the good times that we had together. But yet i remember when i did some bad things.
You might wonder why do we need to remember the bad days, why cant we just remember the Good Old Times. Well i am about to tell you...the reason why we need to remember the bad times is so that we would not do those things. And remember how hard they were. From those things that we remember have stories that we can tell our children and other people. For if we didnt go through those tough times then we wouldnt grow or learn from them.
So when you look back, remember the good old times that we had in this life. For the things that we learn in this life we will have that knowledge in the next life to come. So i don't know about you but i love the Good old Times that i had. We can all have stories and they will help us to teach others. We need to make sure that we wright down the things and stories that happened to us.
Just like the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. He made a story. The best story that is true. That he came and did what none of us can ever do. It is a story of the greatest love of man kind. For we shall give him all are time and effort to help him and serve him. For a story like this should never be lost. For this is a wonderful story. I ask you all always think of him and you will have good times when you serve the Lord. 


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  1. Thanks ture. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts.