Monday, March 7, 2011

Answers to Prayers

We might have a hard time getting are answers from God. But in time he will answer us when we are ready. For it happen to me. This last week i was praying for something to happen. But it didn't come for a while. I was praying to know where i should go to school when i get back home. and it took all week for me to find out. And the Lord answered and told me to go to Wyoming for school. What a remarkable gift we have to receive are own personal revelation to know what the Lord wants us to do and he shows us the way if we only asked. There are no stupid questions to ask him, if it is your desire to know he will tell you what the answer is. Sometimes we wont like the answers that we receive but if we are faithful and do what he asks us to do he will bless us for following his will. For prayer is very important for all of us. He is are Heavenly Father and he wants to hear from all of us. For why not pray and ask him what we need. He knows all.

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