Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Race of Life

When i think of life a phrase comes in mind and that is Enduring to the End. When this pops in my mind, I think of a race that I am in. A race that makes you a better person. Now most races have points that make you tired or just want to stop. Like if you were racing in the mile, and came to the last lap and that is the point when alot of people are tired and just want to stop. But you have to keep going. The one thing that helps me the most is when i have people cheering for me and it makes me want to finish the race.

Now as we look at the race of are life. Now the race begins when we are born and everyday we need to keep striving to do the best we can. Now as I said about the race in the mile. There are points that come to are life that we need to watch for. Which are the times that we think that we can't make it or can't go on. But we can with the crowd cheering for us and helping us move to the end. Now the crowd can be are Family, Friends, and of course Jesus Christ. For they can all help us to get back. For they want us to do are best and to return to live with are Father in Heaven.

We all have the chance to return to are Heavenly Father , But it is up to us to make the choice to Finish the Race of Life.

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