Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cigarettes & Cow Manure

One day a ten-year old boy came to his father with a solemn face and said "All the boys at school have tried cigarettes but me. I want to try them too. All of my friends are trying them."
The father nodded his head slowly and thought for a moment. " Fine by me - but first, Bring a fork and a plate and come with me out to the barn." The boy did so, and the father put his arm around the his son and they walked out to the barn. Then he scooped up a pile of Cow manure on the plate and stuck the fork in it, offering the plate to his son.
"Why are you giving me a plate of manure? This is disgusting!" Said the son.
"Of course it is," replied the father. "In fact, there are no redeeming qualities to eating cow manure. It is not good for your health, it looks disgusting, and it's bound to make your breath smell very bad. But unlike cigarettes, it's not habit forming."
The boy understood his father's point and never tried cigarettes.

This story can help us understand why we need not to put things in are body. For are body is a temple of god. Lets all obey the Word of Wisdom

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